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The PZD series of expansion butterfly valves

The PZD series of expansion butterfly valves

The PZD series of expansion butterfly valves Low Friction Small Torque Anti-wear Long Life With a unique design, this butterfly valve adopts the gas pressure to make its seat extend towards its plate so as to provide an evenly distributed pressure to the seal at all times. During the valve's opening and closing, its plate contacts its seat only instantaneously, so its plate suffers slight friction only. On the contrary, the collision caused by an ordinary butterfly valve's plate rubbing against its seat may reduce its performance and life. For an expansion butterfly valve, only a small torque is needed to open and close it. This allows to use a small actuator, thus reducing the entire valve's costs. According to the actual comparison tests and field application records, the performance of this butterfly valve is superior to that of the rest valves. In fact, a butterfly valve's life can reach one to three million cycles, and can also be used even in the case of severe wear, which is unusual. For dry solid, gas and slurry substances, the expansion butterfly valve is the most suitable. The PZD series of expansion butterfly valves is designed for the most demanding conditions. The valve's dimension range is 2"(50mm) - 24"(600mm) and applicable for ANSI and metric flange standards. A full range of actuators, limit switches and controllers can meet different application requirements effectively. Performance Characteristics

◎Expansion seat reducing wear of disc and seat

◎Longer valve life

◎Smaller seat wear

◎Extremely slight disc collision

◎Ultralow torque requirement

◎Low actuator energy demand

◎Large seal contact area

◎Proved superiority for corrosive materials plus dry and dispersed solid substances

◎Disc design avoiding material accumulation

◎Double-shaft seal

◎Multiple bearing

KF Series Pinch Valve

KF Series Pinch Valve

KF Series Pinch Valve



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